Brick Store Pub

Beer. Food. & More beer. Sounds PERFECT to me. This will be short, to the point, and sweet, VERY sweet.

Brick Store Pub located in the lovely, personality filled Decatur Georgia. The Pub opened 17 years ago with 3 friends from Athens, who like EVERYONE ELSE had a degree and no idea what to do with it. They realized a niche had yet to be filled – a neighborhood pub where conversation dominates, pints are served properly and in the appropriate glassware, service is friendly and knowledgeable and the food is made from scratch every day. SOUNDS LIKE SUCCESS TO ME!

Kitchen talk real quick. 


Country chicken rillettes (a preparation of meat similar to pâté) with bacon & bourbon jam that was so sweet and salty. gahhh. THEN served with a perfectly fried chicken skin, grilled buttered toast, and b&b pickles. All the textures combined with the sweet and salty notes were a hit on this dish. I would recommend this for anyone even if you have never heard of it. DONT BE SCARED!



Butter bean hummus, this snack was not a hit in my eyes.Served with pickled tomatoes, carrots, and grilled pita.  It needed salt, flavor, and something special. it was a rather boring dish.


The AMAZING pierogies. They are essentially fried dumplings fill with potatoes and other yummy things.  These in particular where cooked in brown butter and stuffed with caramelized onions & crispy sage.


After these snacks, and the craft beer I had at Brick I was impressed for the most part. For the beer connoisseur and the foodie, its a good pick. With a forever changing menu and beer list I dont think you can go wrong in Decatur.

Full For now,






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