FIVE40 Social House

TAPAS TAPAS TAPAS! Being a food connoisseur like I am tapas always intrigue me because I can try all the things! A fairly new place has opened in Kennesaw Ga called FIVE40 Social house. Its tucked in a plaza on Barrett Parkway and thanks to Scout Mob I found out about it. Its only been open for about a year and the “bringing Buckhead to Kennesaw” idea is pretty spot on. The interior of the restaurant is “loungy’ sleek, modern, and very cozy, definitely a place you would want to throw back a couple of drinks with friends before feasting. I also found out they have live music on the weekends, hookahs, and I’m assuming it turns into a sort of club/bar scene at night.

I started out my experience (after a long talk with the very nice owner) with a Cucumber Ginger Martini. Cucumber vodka, YUM, Ginger Vodka, YUM, Ginger Beer, YUM & Lime. It was pretty awesome. Very Refreshing, but we aren’t here to talk about the drinks.

FIVE40 has a small but well balanced menu. I had about 9 of the dishes while I was there (ill only highlight a few), and no I wasn’t alone. First up to bat was the Chorizo Cheese dip served with grilled pita & chips. The Dip was very good, well balanced with the salty meat and creamy cheese. The Pita didn’t work for me personally (they didn’t scoop up the Chorizo like I wanted) but thankfully there were back up chips. Next I had Jamaican Codfish Fritters  (I would recommend this if you go) with a blackened remoulade sauce, AH-MAZ-ING. The fish was fried to crispy perfection and the sauce was PERFECT! The Smoked Gouda Mac -N- Cheese with caramelized shallots was good too, I’m a sucked for mac-n-cheese… the shallots really added depth to the smokiness of this dish! The Braised pork shank with herb mashed potatoes & au jus was very tender and flavorful as well my only complaint was the ratio of meat to potatoes, but hey it is tapas.


All in all the quality of the food matched the price, the service was good, the chef came out and spoke with us (which I as a chef myself personally love) and I would say for a night with friends, drinks, and good food to pass around this is the place to be. Check it out. Tell them I sent you!

Full for now,



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