Bone Garden Cantina

When a place says all of their guests go through a rigorous screening process, “its called finding the place”, you can pretty much bet that its off the radar to most people. SUCKS FOR THEM! Bone Garden is tucked away in a loft style office complex (I think that’s what it is anyways) and you would NEVER know it was there. I think that word of mouth has been this Atlanta gems best friend. That’s how I heard about it. I mean come on, when you hear authentic Mexican food, margaritas for days (two words, tequila club), and atmosphere that is sky high… you’re going to be curious.

Just to give you the 411 on this place, its owned by a husband and wife who had a BRILLIANT idea to bring Atlanta some of the food they grew up on in southern California. THANK GOD! When you walk into the building, instantly you will know where the name came from. This little cantina is themed after the Mexican holiday known as “Dia de Los Muertos,” or Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls from floor to ceiling. SO BADASS. From what I know about day of the dead, they have a very positive outlook on life, remembering the dead and celebrating life, and even with all the skulls, angels and devils, you can feel that this place is definitely alive. Slammed packed, drinks pouring, and QUESO all around! I like.Image

Now this place doesn’t offer your normal fare that a Americanized Mexican restaurant has, we are talking made from scratch, small batch recipes that will make you think you speak Spanish fluently (yes, its that good.) With a pretty straight forward menu that’s not over crowded with mediocre food. We started with the “three amigos”, the creamy Queso Dip, house made guacamole and Salsa Fresca combo. Served with warm, freshly made tortilla chips. Oh, and don’t forget the Coronas, Kay thanks! Navigating through the menu you’ll notice they have some various items. Salads, grilled corn on the cobb, rice, beans, your normal, radda radda radda. Moving right along. Next, you flip a page and get to the good stuff, no really, that’s what the menu says and its not lying. Tacos, Tamales, Empanadas, Sopes, Enchiladas, ummmmm, one of everything please?? Just to mention a few taste bud catching options, Super Slow-cooked brisket tacos topped with salsa verde, cabbage, cilantro and onion. NOM. Sauteéd garlic shrimp sopes, with peanut sauce, black beans, cabbage, cilantro, cheese, OH MY! With this “a la carte” menu I decide I cant just pick one, or two. Ok! Ok! I choose three. Its not me, its the tiny Hispanic man (known as pepe) that lives in my stomach I swear.


Time to get down to business. Round 1. “Puerco Azteca Tamale” The perfect amount of Corn masa (Which I Love!) filled with well seasoned pulled pork, red chiles, garlic and onion. Simple but tasty combination sealed up, steamed in a banana leaf and served with a lime. Some tamales you get are dry, or have a weird proportion of filling to masa, NOT HERE. This tamale was out of this world! Now I see why they always run out. Round 2. “Chicken machucada empanada” Tender, Juicy, Sauteéd chicken seasoned with a mixture of tomatoes, chiles (spiiiicy!!!) and cumin. Its fried to a flaky, golden pouch of perfection. Top that off with the house made guacamole sauce for dipping. MONEY!! Ya cant go wrong with empanadas am I right? Round 3. DING DING DING. “DESEBRADO DE RES enchilada” So that slow cooked beef brisket I was talking about earlier… yeah, IT’S BACK and rolled up in a hand made corn tortilla, Fresh tomatillo sauce poured all over the plate, copious amount of chihuahua cheese, & a sour cream drizzle! Jesus. I just may have fallen in love with a plate of food. But wait! There is more! (I know right?!) On Saturdays, and Saturdays only they offer freshly made Churros. OMFG. They were perfectly fried, still a little doughy in the middle. Served with handmade whipped cream, AND a Mexican style hot coco. Ill let the picture do the rest of the talking, just know you’re missing out until you’ve had them.


Hands down. One of the best places to kick back, enjoy some drinks, and munch on some DELISH food. The space has amazing energy. The staff is great! (especially the RAD waitress Katie who not only was funny, but actually took the time to talk and make it personal. IF YOU GET HER TIP HER WELL!) All in all, I have nothing bad to say, if you’re looking for a new, non conventional place, that will make your taste buds do the salsa,(oh I’m funny) Bone Garden Cantina in Atlanta GA is right up your alley. Just make sure you have a designated driver, because 50 kinds of tequila is a lot. 😉 Salud!

Full for now,



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