The Vortex

As you walk into this bar and grill past the enormous skull that has been a landmark in the Atlanta for over twenty years you immediately know whats about to happen. Stiff drinks, and good food. The space is tiny, hole in the wall-ish , its filled to the brim with kooky, eclectic décor, and people tattooed from head to toe. Just my kind of place. Just in case you didn’t know, The Vortex has been honored with “Best Burger” awards by a multitude of local and national publications so naturally, I already knew what was on today’s menu.

When you receive the menu you automatically notice the “What you really need to know” heading which explains the restaurant does not put up with idiots and will ask you to leave claiming to be a “idiot free zone’ gotta love that! OK, back to the food. This menu is filled with interesting and well thought out combinations accompanied by quirky descriptions that may or may not use fowl language. Covering just about everything from mac n’ cheese filled chimichangas, to house made soups, to carefully crafted sandwiches, and sides like sweet potato waffle fries with marshmallow goo. I went straight for the burgers.

The Vortex uses 100% choice sirloin and char-grills them over an open flame. YUM! Since they offer over 20 burger varieties you’re going to have a hard time choosing. OMFG burgers, Bypass burgers, or signature burgers. MOUTH WATERING. There truly is something for everyone here. The Fat Elvis with peanut butter, bacon, & fried bananas. The Big bad voodoo patty with chipotle cream cheese, sweet and spicy green pepper jelly, and of course bacon. There’s also a burger with two grilled cheese sammys as the buns, pure heaven.  With my eyes probably being bigger than my stomach the description on the Coronary Bypass ($11.95) catches my attention with all its glory. SOLD. With a side of tater tots. BAM!

Moving right along, Lets talk about the food itself. When the waitress brought out my massive plate of food, my first thought was that I would never be able to finish all this food. Stacked tall on the bun, the half pound patty was grilled to perfection, the slices (yes, plural!) of ooey gooey cheese melting everywhere, the fried egg, and the four crispy, salty bacon strips. All sitting next to a humongo pile of crispy tater tots. Serious nomnomnom moment. Being a sucker for a good burger like I am, after the first juicy bite I was hooked. This is indeed a place to write home about. Everything was basically spot on, the only complaint I had would be about the salt level. The burger, and fried egg could have used a little bit more seasoning but overall The Vortex lived up to its “Best burger” title. Burgasm for sure. I later figure out I was wrong about not being able to finish my food, dead wrong. 

In conclusion, if your looking for a unusual, made to order, meaty treat (and good cocktails, duh) with a pretty rad scene… The Vortex in Atlanta’s famous little five points is a win.

Full for now,



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